“Anxiety is quite a common symptom in this day and age, and it’s not that difficult to fix. It affects everyone, from young people to older people.”


VIDEO: Learn how to deal with Anxiety with Dr Peter Richard-Herbert.

Anxiety is an overwhelming or debilitating irrational fear or concern that can easily immobilise a person by making them become excessively afraid of a situation or challenge that needs to be faced in their everyday life.

The overwhelming feeling of dread experienced may be associated with work, home, social or relationship issues.

Symptoms can manifest as:

  • A rapid increase in heart and breathing rate, tingling feeling in toes, fingers, around lips/mouth.
  • Excessive perspiration, knot in the stomach
  • A  feeling of tightness or restriction in the throat (globus hystericus)
  • A buzzing noise in the ears
  • Feeling faint
  • Clammy skin
  • An overwhelming feeling to cry or run away
  • If withheld, attack or hit out and display anger.

Anxiety Depression Syndrome (A.D.Syn)

Depression, secondary to anxiety can manifest as a syndrome that continues for several weeks, months or, in some cases, years.


An event or life situation that produces a rapid, unparalleled, increase in everyday anxiety levels.The person involved needs to make a life decision to reduce the anxiety levels, yet to carry out the decision also carries a high level of anxiety.

It seems to the person that all other life choices available require, or also carry, equally high anxiety levels therefore no choice or direction can be made or taken.

The driving need to make a decision or take a direction still continues, leading to an abrupt increase in anxiety causing the person to feel blocked or trapped without hope or ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ to reduce the growing feelings of anxiety.

The feeling of being trapped, producing continuing feelings of helplessness and hopelessness towards the future cause further increases in anxiety leading to symptoms of depression.

Feelings of depression again producing further anxiety because the person feels they are not coping and fears they may loose their job, friends or family support.

The cycle of anxiety followed by depression feeding off itself, exacerbating the symptoms lead to a syndrome that self perpetuates.

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