Want to improve or restore your relationship?

Whether it is your family, partner or work colleagues, resentment from stressful situations can seriously effect relationship communication, sexual functioning or future goal direction.

Understand how to improve your relationships…

Communication methods and ways of having a relationship learned from parents or guardians may not work in the present relationship you have today.

Relationship behaviour is learned, therefore it can also be un-learned, and better adapted to the relationship you would like now. You can learn new methods of coping and communicating that can be directed into saving or restoring your present relationships.

Past relationship blocks can be dissolved and ‘Baggage’ reclaimed so it does not affect future relationships.

What is Baggage?

When we are young or vulnerable, some aspects in life can hurt or overwhelm us causing ‘Baggage’ or emotional scarring that later causes conflict in partner relationships. Don’t let these issues become a repetitive cycle of reactive behaviour that can harm or finish a relationship before it reaches it’s full potential.

You can attain happiness…

Booking a session today can be the first step to salvaging a damaged relationship you value, or to learning how to form enjoyable and successful new relationships that will last.

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